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Welcome to the unofficial wiki for Crossing Void - Global, an anime crossover JRPG mobile game! Features an all-star cast from 25 most-loved anime franchises! Let’s stand united and fight in the new world!

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Welcome to the wiki!

A wiki dedicated to the game Crossing Void.

Start by checking the characters~

There are over 90 characters!

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Your personal guide to talents~

Talent shuffle can improve the character's quality!

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Ongoing Event!

Participate in it before it ends~

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Current Event

Ongoing Events
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Site News~
May 2, 2020

Unprotected the main page so other people can update it now.

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JuiceForyou JuiceForyou 4 February

Party Again! The Relaunched 91Carnival!

Taken from in-game notice for archive purposes.
You can find more information about the event at 91Carnival!

A passionate carnival is always wanted.
The joy still lingers, and a new carnival is about t…

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JuiceForyou JuiceForyou 4 February



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